Publishing Update - February 2019

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

As far as the publishing process for my fantasy novel The Elementalist: Rise of Hara goes, the manuscript is currently awaiting feedback from an editor.

I've asked him to do a content edit, which takes a big-picture look at the story to see if it works altogether (plotting, pacing, consistency, etc.). Since this is my first time working with an editor, I figured I'd just get the works to see how much I can learn from the experience.

After that, we'll do a round of copy editing to fix remaining typos, missing words, punctuation errors, and the like then finally proofreading—the last step before the manuscript is ready to publish. (Excluding formatting and cover design, of course.)

Hopefully, sometime during copy edits, I'll be able to safely decide on an official release date, as I'm not quite sure how long the edits will take me to finish.

Exciting stuff! 😄

Stay tuned for more updates. Until next time...

Tiyana (a.k.a. T. M. White)

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