Publishing Update - June 2019

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

June publishing update from fantasy writer T. M. White. | The Chandra Tribune

What's new with publishing The Elementalist: Rise of Hara?

Well, I decided to go with a new editor. With my last one, it took 3 months to receive a developmental edit when, really, it should have only taken about a month. My goal is to publish no later than November, so I had to switch gears and find someone who could work with my schedule.

I also enlisted the help of another beta reader with aviation experience to provide feedback on the flying aspects of the story. (I should have done this a while ago, but things didn't work out with the other reader I'd first approached last year, and I wasn't sure who else I felt comfortable approaching until recently.) I'm really thankful for this new reader taking a look at the story so late in the game.

So the manuscript is, once again, out of my hands (so to speak), but only for a little while. 🙂 I should have feedback by the end of the month, and I'll spend the next month (July) making changes before sending the story back to the editor for a proofread also sometime during July, I hope. (Fingers crossed.) Once I've completed copy edits, I'll create an early formatted version of the paperback edition to get an accurate page count then hire a cover designer.

Exciting stuff!

In the meantime, I've been locking down some of my plans to market and promote my book. I'll have it up for pre-order for 2 to 3 months while I send out advance reader copies (ARCs) to reviewers. There will also be a pre-order perk available as well as some giveaways. This should all take place during late summer/early fall. I'm also going to hire someone to create portraits for my main characters.

More developments to come. Stay tuned or subscribe below for updates!