Welcome to The Chandra Tribune!

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Welcome to The Chandra Tribune, blog of fantasy writer T. M. White. #highfantasy #fantasybooks #epicfantasybooks

Hello there, and thanks for visiting my blog, The Chandra Tribune!

If you're new to my website and don't know anything about me, then first of all, welcome. 🙂 There's a brief bio on my About page, but to sum things up: I'm a fantasy writer.

My first novel, The Elementalist: Rise of Hara, is a spy fantasy adventure and the start of a 5-book series. It'll be published during the fall of 2019. If stuff like elemental magic, espionage, and retro-futuristic tech sounds cool to you, then chances are my story will be right up your alley! You can check out more information about the first book here.

So why The Chandra Tribune?

Well, it's the name of a fictional newspaper in my novel! (I had another blog of the same name, though I won't be posting there anymore.) It also shares a name with my new publishing company, Chandra City Publishing, named after (you guessed it) a city in the same story world.

Here at The Chandra Tribune, I'll be posting news about my writing projects along with themed content (recommendations, giveaways, etc.) that are related to my books or (sub-)genres I write in – that is fantasy, adventure, and espionage.

For more of an insider look at what I'm working on including snippets, first dibs on advance reader copies (ARCs) of my books, and other special opportunities, sign up for updates. You'll also get notifications about new blog posts plus a link to my free collection of 12 fantasy micro stories when you subscribe!

That's about the gist of what you can expect to find on my website. 🙂 Until next time...

Tiyana (a.k.a. T. M. White)